Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Target at Gateway Center is NOW OPEN!

For those who don't know.

They said the remaining stores will open next month.  I can't wait for Michaels!  Seriously, these folks really listen to my suggestions.  Hmm, what do nycers know about Michaels?  hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Did you know you have to pay for parking? And it's not cheap, no validation. Target, Home Depot, BJ's all say it's out of their control -- it's the developer who runs the garage but really?? they all signed big bucks leases, they could have negotiated parking fees.
After spending $7 in parking to buy $35 worth of stuff at HD, I'm staying away.

Me said...

Oh I know. I went shopping last week and had to pay around $10 for parking!!!! It's ridiculous. If you live near, it's better to just take the cab if you're gonna be shopping for some time.

Similar situation here. As tenants, we have the honor of paying over $300 for parking. Not much less than non-tenants.